Product Information

At Cascadia Chai, we offer two varieties of chai. Our original First Batch (a complex Spicy Chai built to befriend coffee) and Cascadian Sun (a chocolaty chai bringing out the herbs' sweet notes with coconut sugar). See below for more details.

Our chai was built to be versatile and play well with others. Its closest friends are espresso, toddy, chocolate, brandy, and bourbon. This chai pairs well with dairy and non-dairy milk alike. Each milk choice lends a slightly different flavor quality.

Cascadia Chai is sold in tow varieties for cafe, restaurant, and bar production & use. (See below for serving suggestions.)

  • $32 packets– yielding 6x 64 oz Growler of Spicy or Sweet Chai
  • Average Chai Cost per 12 Oz Serving ~$0.75 plus cost of sweetener
  • 3-Gallon Minimum for Dry Packets (yields 6 growlers)
  • Easy to produce in downtime, works great on an induction burner.
  • Free smells to passerby! Helps boost winter sales.

We also sell DIY packets for winter holiday sales.

1 Gallon Home-brew packs with festive packaging- email for details!

Please note, brewed chai must be stored in the fridge if you decide to brew without the addition of citric acid. It changes the flavor unfavorably, requires far more sugar, and pairs poorly with coffee.

Serving Suggestions

Steamed Lattes

  • Whole Milk, Hemp, Cashew, Hazelnut, or Soy Milk - Chai to Milk 60/40
  • Almond Milk - Depends on Thickness Chai to Milk Ranges From 50/50-60/40
  • Nonfat Milk, Rice Milk, Oat Milk - Chai to Milk 50/50

Iced drinks are generally served 60/40 across the board because of ice melt. If you'd like to talk recipes and drinks, feel free to contact us with questions or to set-up a short sample or demo.

Ready-to-Ship Products

First Batch (Spicy) chai has a complex taste palate that pairs beautifully with espresso in dirty chai. It has a distinct kick (with heavy notes of ginger and cinnamon), a nice mouthfeel, and just the right amount of sweetness. It is the best pairing for complex, dark liquors.

Cascadian Sun (Sweet) has more chocolate-vanilla overtones with the same cinnamon ginger notes as our original, slightly less heat to the finish. Brewed with herbs and spices including fresh young ginger (Hawaiian when available), dandelion root, kava, and hawthorn berries to promote wellness then finished with the natural sweeteners agave nectar and coconut sugar. This chai makes an amazing iced latte, serves as the perfect afternoon ritual, and compliments an evening treat.