Who We Are

Cascadia Chai is a small batch, custom chai blend and organic syrup wholesaler . Our company started in October 2015 in SODO, right next to Safeco Field. The original brewer, River, took ownership in January 2017. She has more than 15 years of experience in coffee & tea, and is passionate about all things green and sustainable.

Cascadia donates to wildlife conservation and environmental protections in the bio-region - both on our own and through the [purchases we make from our vendors. We work with local vendors whenever possible to get the freshest ingredients.

Our products are 100% organic and extremely low waste. The growlers are reusable and the leftover matter is great for composts (which the owner composts in her own garden). We choose to use coconut sugar in our chai as it has a lower carbon footprint for production and is more easily renewable than other sugars.

About Our Chai

In August of 2015, a short conversation with Matt Greenfield (who was lamenting the loss of Q.E.D. Coffee's Ginger Chai vendor) sparked the search for chai herbs that paired best with coffee. River threw together several brews to test and throughout the week, over 16 batches were brewed. Some were pre-made blends or adaptations, others were completely from scratch.

Taste testing at Q.E.D. unanimously confirmed the totally original first batch had blown the other versions out of the water. With a little tweaking to balance the flavor profile, scale out, and find the perfect sweetness, First Batch was brought to Q.E.D. Coffee that September and the journey began.

Customer reactions and sales performance showed the chai's potential and business talks started. After looking at our goals as a company, thinking about what our chai represented, and talking about what kept us in the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia Chai was born.

After searching high and low, a reliable, fair-trade-minded company providing high-quality organic vanilla beans has been found. Cascadia Chai officially became 100% organic in 2016!

In January of 2017, as both QED Coffee and Cascadia tackled growth, the decision was made to separate the two companies. The brewer, River, took over Cascadia at that time and continues to run the Chai, while Matt and Q.E.D. have expanded into Downtown Seattle with a gorgeous new location on 5th and Denny, where you can find Cascadia‚Äôs First Batch the way it was born to be enjoyed- as a dirty chai. 

We now offer custom blends though a rigorous 3 step tasting process, and sell our two original blends for home brew or in-house production.

Please see our Contact page for the other great locations you can enjoy a cup of Cascadian goodness. We deliver to retailers in and around Seattle, Washington, and anywhere on the Olympic Peninsula.